If you received a Notice of Incomplete Claim Form dated July 18, 2016, please refer to the "IMPORTANT NOTICE" insert/attachment for special instructions.

If you own or owned property with windows made by MI Windows,
you may qualify for benefits from a class action settlement.

The deadline for filing new claims was December 28, 2015. No new claims may be accepted.

A Settlement of a class action lawsuit against MI Windows and Doors, LLC (“MIWD”) has been reached, relating to allegedly leaking tape-glazed windows manufactured by MIWD between July 1, 2000, and March 31, 2010. The Settlement has been approved by the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina. The Settlement covers water leakage and damage to Class Members’ windows and property.

Those MI Brands that are included are:

  • MI Windows and Doors
  • Capitol
  • BetterBilt
  • General Aluminum
  • Bridgewood
  • PrimeCel
  • Insight
  • BrynMawr III
  • Devon II
  • HomeMaker
  • New Bridge II
  • New Castle III
  • New Castle XT

A list of included windows can be found here. Pictures of the Windows and Labels to help you identify if your windows are included can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: The toll free number listed in the footnote on page one of the MIWD Windows Claim Form is incorrect. If you want to request extra copies of the claim form, or have any other questions related to this matter, please call the claims administrator at 1-888-668-8198.